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Wellness Counseling

Whole Mama Wellness™ Group 

Motherhood changes you - it doesn't have to deplete you!


For the mom trying to balance it all. It is time to find a routine that includes prioritizing YOU! You are the expert in your life, and in this supportive wellness group we work together to identifying exactly how you want feel in your life, create a realistic and proactive plan for helping you achieve your goals, and help you reclaim your well-being! 

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Uncover your unmet needs and create a concrete, realistic, and sustainable plan to meet those needs.

Members will learn the importance of 
"putting your oxygen mask on first"

Whole Counseling and Wellness

A Community of Wellness

Whole Mama Wellness is a wellness community for women at all stages of motherhood. Whether you're a busy mama looking for more balance, a new mama looking for peer support during this tremendous life change and identity shift, or the burnt out mama needing to reclaim your wellness and joy in life, we have you covered. Your journey with Whole Mama Wellness™begins with an 8-week live, virtual wellness support group, followed by lifetime access into our Whole Mama Wellness Facebook group. Here you’ll find other moms on similar journeys and a place where you can build and maintain meaningful connections, get advice, and get further social exposure to the strategies that promote whole wellness. 

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