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Helping women feel whole again

Meet Dr. Chance

Ph.D Counseling

Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

Florida (IMH23490)

Welcome! I'm Ellen.

I am passionate about supporting women in navigating the joys and challenges of pregnancy, motherhood, and life. Utilizing integrative, evidence-based therapeutic approaches, I work with women towards achieving whole wellness. At Whole Counseling & Wellness you’re treated as a whole person—not a set of symptoms.


I specialize in women's issues and maternal mental health. I am particularly passionate about supporting women during the journey of pregnancy and transitioning into motherhood. Furthermore,  I serve women facing the challenges of infertility, birth trauma, miscarriage, grief, and loss.

I offer in-person counseling services in Stuart, FL, or at your fingertips via secure, confidential teletherapy. I utilize technology to increase access to care, to add convenience to your already busy life, and offer services to individuals, couples, and groups across Florida. Once established, you have will have access to a confidential, secure client portal to schedule appointments, communicate between sessions, and monitor your progress. 

Together, we will create the space and time for you to tap into your unique strengths, explore self-compassion, and prioritize your own wellness. Through practice and effective therapeutic approaches you will move from survival mode to feeling whole, balanced, and better equipped to navigate life’s challenges, stressors, and the many roles you fulfill.

Take the first step today! A  free 15-minute consultation is waiting for you.

Dr. Ellen Chance
Maternal Mental Health

Specializing In

Evidence-based, integrative 


approaches to promote whole wellness

 Women's issues, perinatal mental health, and treatment of mood disorders 

Compassionate care for individuals coping with


birth trauma,

grief, and loss.

Promoting resiliency, growth, and balance for women on the path to burn out.

Supporting women in self-discovery, uncovering unmet needs, and in making lasting changes

Mother and Daughter

"Give yourself the same care and attention you give to others and watch yourself bloom"   

The Whole Mama support groups created an environment where I could share my experiences and the realities of motherhood, the good, the bad.  I was met with support, empathy, and understanding. 

- Group Client

Dr. Chance is genuine, knowledgeable, and supportive. She always comes from a place of non-judgement. She inspired true change in me and I am very grateful. 

-WCW Client

I was hesitant to begin therapy, but I am so glad I finally took the time for myself. I am happier, healthier, and my marriage is in such a better place.

- WCW Client

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