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World Mental Health Awareness Day 2023

October 10, 2023

Motherhood brings a plethora of emotions with it. Joy, anticipation, excitement, and love are just a few of the feelings that are often associated with this period. However, the complexity of this phase can also introduce feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression. Mental health is a significant part of the overall well-being of an individual, and it is even more crucial for new mothers navigating through this life-changing experience. Whole Counseling and Wellness promotes maternal mental wellness through the delivery of mental health services designed to support mothers’s wellness through all stages of motherhood.

We understand that motherhood can be overwhelming, and it is important to have a support system in place. We offer a range of services, from individual therapy to group sessions and workshops. Our goal is to create a safe and supportive environment where mothers can share their experiences and receive the guidance and support they need.

We recognize that every mother's journey is unique, and we tailor our services to meet the individual needs of each mother. Whether it's adjusting to the demands of a new baby, managing the stress of balancing work and family or coping with postpartum depression or anxiety, we are here to help.

Situational Analysis

While it is not widely discussed, maternal mental health issues are quite prevalent. According to research, '1 in 5' mothers experience a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder during pregnancy or postpartum period. This figure only represents the mothers who have been diagnosed or who have reported their struggles. Many more go undiagnosed due to a lack of awareness, stigma around mental health, or limited access to mental health services.

The Importance of Acknowledgement

Each year, various organizations and individuals worldwide unite to raise awareness about mental health on World Mental Health Awareness Day. In 2023, we focus our efforts on recognizing and addressing maternal mental health. Acknowledging the struggles of mothers gives validity to their experiences and helps to break down the stigmas associated with mental health.

Partners and Supporters in Maternal Wellness

Part of our mission is to engage with a community of supporters who can provide help, resources, and encouragement to mothers in need. One such supportive voice is Postpartum Support International. Postpartum Support International (PSI) is a non-profit organization that offers support services to women and families who are experiencing perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

PSI offers a range of services to support women and families during this challenging time. These services include a helpline where trained volunteers provide confidential support and information, local support groups where women can connect with other mothers experiencing similar challenges, and online support groups for those who may not be able to attend in-person meetings.

In addition, PSI (@postpartumsupportinternational) offers professional development and training for healthcare providers, as well as a specialized certification program for perinatal mental health professionals. This ensures that there are trained professionals available to provide appropriate care and support to those in need. Whole Counseling and Wellness is honored to be recognized as a PSI provider.

Locally, Martin County Health Start Coalition, Inc, is a notable supporter of maternal mental health and wellness. Martin County Health Start Coalition is a non-profit organization that strives to provide support to pregnant women and new mothers in Martin County, Florida. One of the key areas of focus for the coalition is maternal mental health, an often overlooked aspect of healthcare that is crucial for the overall well-being of both mother and baby.

The coalition offers a range of services to support maternal mental health, including support groups and educational programs. They also provide referrals to other mental health professionals and resources as needed. By providing these essential services, the coalition hopes to improve the mental health outcomes for pregnant women and new mothers in Martin County. We are proud to partner with @mchealthystart.

Moving Forward for Mothers

We believe in the power of collective effort. By joining hands with supporters, Whole Counseling and Wellness, hopes to amplify the voices of those advocating for maternal mental wellness. But our work doesn't stop here. We strive to continually expand our network and work towards a future where no mother has to suffer in silence.

We believe that every mother deserves access to quality mental health support. We are committed to providing compassionate care that empowers mothers to be the best version of themselves. If you are a mother in need of support, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help you through every stage of motherhood.

Together, we can change the narrative around maternal mental health. Together, we can ensure that every mother gets the care they need and deserve.


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